Features - Standard

  • Ease of Use - Full graphical interface, making the program easy to learn and to use
  • Power - Optimisation engine searches for the best appointments and removes gaps where teachers and parents are waiting around
  • Reporting - A comprehensive range of printouts can be printed: teacher schedules, parent schedules and parent overviews for staff helpers
  • Flexibility - You can specify arbitrary start and end times for individual teachers or parents and define any number of breaks for teachers throughout the evening
  • Compatibility - You can import teacher and pupil data from your existing management system in multiple formats, including the UK government's CBDS XML format
  • Understands Twins - The program understands that parents may have more than one child in the same school year and schedules the parents, not the pupils, so that no clashes occur
  • Parent Gaps - Will leave five-minute gaps between parent appointments if possible, allowing parents time to get from one appointment to the next
  • Cross Platform - Runs on Microsoft Windows and Linux

Features - ParentEve Pro

ParentEve Pro provides all the features of the standard ParentEve package, plus the following:

  • All Online Features - See the next section
  • Unlimited Yearly Use - Organise as many parents evenings as you like throughout the year, no need to keep sending us details
  • Send Email - Automatically email schedules to parents, saving time, paper and postage costs
  • Presentations - Parents and teachers can be booked to attend talks or presentations during your parents evening
  • Integration with Capita's SIMS - Pull in data directly from SIMS, making it easy to set up a new evening
  • Reuse Old Files - Use last year's data for this year's evenings, saving time
  • Export Data / Mail Merge - Export data from ParentEve in CSV format; allows you to mail merge the resulting schedules
  • Calendar Support - Emails include a calendar attachment so that your parents evening can be added to the recipient's calendar with a single click
  • Printed QR Codes - Printed schedules include a QR code (square barcode); when scanned with a phone, your parents evening gets added to the phone's calendar
  • Scripting Support - We can make new custom reports for you, or change the contents of your printouts and emails, for no extra charge.

Online Features

The My ParentEve website is our online portal, providing the following extra features:

  • Parents Respond Online - Each parent gets a unique page, no passwords needed. No need to enter appointments manually, saves you lots of time!
  • You Retain Control - You can change, add or remove requests before the software prepares the schedule. Prioritise appointments for hard to reach families, you can then show evidence of good practice for Ofsted purposes.
  • Optimise Locally - Online events can be optimised on your computer as usual. No more "first come first served" inefficient evenings!
  • Safe Event Storage - All your events are stored and backed up online.
  • Events Overview - See all your upcoming events in one view, plan your academic year easily.

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